MIC Testing in Action: Corrolytics Visits Alaska

Oct 3, 2022 | Ideas

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A dynamic team made up of leaders from both Corrolytics and other key industry companies headed to Hilcorp, Alaska in September to collect samples for MIC testing.  

Corrolytics co-founders Dr. Anwar Sadek, Sai Prasanna Chinthala and Dr. Chelsea Monty-Brome lead the excursion and were accompanied by Philip Ceider-Reinke, Corrosion Engineer at Hilcorp and Tyler Onstott, Production Chemist at ChampionX. 

The purpose of the trip was to collect real-world samples of oil and gas pipelines to test for MIC in the Corrolytics lab. The team also learned more about the infrastructure of a real oil and gas pipeline operation, how they collect samples and what they do today to detect and monitor MIC. 

“Corrolytics is able to help the industry to provide this vital information in a timely manner before the integrity of the pipeline is compromised,” said Sadek, CEO of Corrolytics. “Our technology is able to differentiate between biotic and abiotic corrosion and provide corrosion rates for both. We are also able to validate our technology using real-world samples.”

Currently, the team is prepping samples and storing for shipment to the Corrolytics lab.

Today in the industry, there is not a method for accurately measuring when microbes are going inside of pipelines and cause corrosion. It is also extremely difficult to differentiate between biotic and abiotic corrosion as the mitigation plan depends on the types of corrosion. 

Corrolytics has developed a test kit based on electrochemical techniques to detect and monitor microbial corrosion in oil and gas systems. The technology is the first of its kind to provide accurate information about when microbial growth leads to corrosion.

 The Corrolytics technique fills a knowledge gap about the cause of corrosion and allows you to maintain your current sampling and operations. Our technique will allow you to successfully select mitigation strategies preventing damage to your assets, increase safety, and reduce biocide and chemical treatments in your oil and gas operations.


Oil and gas pipeline companies are encouraged to reach out to Corrolytics for more information on the SMART Test Kit.

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