The Energy Venture Investment Summit

Feb 9, 2022 | Events

The Energy Venture Investment Summit Corrolytics Speaker Image
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February 17, 2022
3:45 PM (MT)

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Golden, Colorado

About the Energy Investment Summit

The Energy Venture Investment Summit is a global event and webcast that allows investors to learn more about emerging ventures through company presentations and in-person networking. In addition to these, the summit offers an opportunity for companies from different industries with innovative products or technologies to share their ideas as well as explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Participants include companies in alternative energy, oil and gas technology, environmental monitoring, sustainable compression, carbon capture, biosurfactant, and energy fintech spaces.

Anwar Sadek

Microbial Growth Test Kit Development Synopsis

During graduate school, Dr. Sadek and his team developed a novel technique to monitor and detect microbial corrosion inside pipelines for the oil and gas industry.

Corrolytics is developing a test kit based on their patent-pending technology to determine when microbial growth inside of oil and gas pipelines will lead to corrosion. This is the first kit able to differentiate between biotic corrosion from the abiotic corrosion, as the mitigation plan is specific for each corrosion type. Current monitoring approaches cannot accurately provide a specific corrosion mitigation plan as the mitigation plan depends on the type of corrosion present. A deliverable of the test kit will be a corrosion management plan specific to mitigating microbial corrosion.

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