Corrolytics Secures $200K Phase 1 Award from DOT SBIR for Innovative Corrosion Control Solutions

Jun 6, 2024 | Awards and Achievements, Press

Corrolytics is proud to announce that it has received a Phase 1 award of $200,000 under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program! Another milestone towards revolutionizing asset management by providing advanced corrosion monitoring solutions and reducing the carbon footprint associated with replacing corroding steel in industries.

The award was granted in response to Phase I Solicitation 6913G624QSBIR1, under the topic “24-PH1: Innovative Solutions for Internal Corrosion Control of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines.” This acknowledgment underscores Corrolytics’ groundbreaking approach to corrosion management and its alignment with the green agenda.

Corrolytics is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that align with global efforts to enhance environmental sustainability and structural integrity. The company’s focus on internal corrosion control addresses a critical need for effective methods to minimize environmental risks associated with pipeline leaks and failures. The Phase 1 funding will enable Corrolytics to advance its research and development of effective biocide management technologies, promoting safer and more sustainable internal corrosion management strategies.

The DOT SBIR program aims to promote technological innovation and address key challenges within the transportation sector by encouraging small businesses to engage in research and development efforts. It focuses on fostering the commercialization of innovative solutions to support the Department of Transportation’s mission areas and supports projects that advance safety, efficiency, and infrastructure within the transportation sector. More information about the DOT SBIR program can be found on their website.

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