Corrolytics revolutionizes corrosion testing with new technology

Jun 16, 2023 | Press

Anwar Sadek Corrolytics

Corrosion in oil and gas pipelines compromises their safety, resulting in catastrophic spills and billion-dollar damage. Being able to accurately measure corrosion and differentiate whether it is microbiologically induced or due to other factors is essential to knowing how to properly treat it.

The team at Corrolytics, a Bounce Technology Incubator client, has developed groundbreaking test kit technology that enables the detection and monitoring of corrosion in industrial assets. The technology quantifies microbial corrosion onsite and in real-time, differentiating it from other types of corrosion. Determining corrosion types is crucial to preventing damage, enhancing infrastructure safety and improving environmental outcomes. This technology can determine the effectiveness of a client’s mitigation strategy, saving time and money.

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