Addressing Climate Change Through Novel Corrosion Monitoring Solutions

Jul 1, 2024 | Press

Steel corrosion is a significant yet often overlooked contributor to climate change. A recent study published in Nature highlights that corroded steel replacement accounts for between 1.6 and 3.4% of total global carbon emissions (about 1.2 Gigatons!), exacerbating the environmental impact of steel production, which already accounts for 27% of manufacturing emissions. This presents a critical challenge: how can we reduce steel corrosion to mitigate climate change?

The study emphasizes that corroded steel necessitates frequent replacements, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions from steel manufacturing. Although the carbon intensity of steel production has decreased by 25% in recent years, the ongoing issue of steel corrosion remains significant. This highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions to further mitigate the environmental impact and enhance the sustainability of steel infrastructure.

This is where Corrolytics steps in, a pioneering company addressing this very issue. Corrolytics utilizes advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology to predict and prevent steel corrosion. By implementing real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, Corrolytics helps industries reduce the frequency of steel replacements, thereby lowering associated carbon emissions.

The integration of Corrolytics’ solutions into steel production and maintenance processes could significantly reduce the environmental footprint of steel manufacturing. This approach not only curbs carbon emissions but also promotes sustainability by enhancing the durability of steel infrastructure, which is critical for achieving the target reductions outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Corrolytics is leading the charge in revolutionizing steel corrosion prevention. To connect, invest, or learn more about Corrolytics, visit

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