The only test kit technology that measures and differentiates between Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion​ (MIC) and other types of corrosion.

Corrolytics is digitizing and revolutionizing how corrosion is monitored. Save time and assets with a faster and more accurate MIC testing process.

Current in-field technologies do not directly and quantitatively measure microbial corrosion

Failure to adopt timely and effective mitigation strategies can lead to pipeline leaks and failures, resulting in loss of life, loss of assets, environmental damage, and greenhouse gas emissions.


Microbial corrosion causes approximately 5 billion dollars annually in damages to oil and gas pipelines.


Misdiagnosed MIC can cause decreased asset lifetime, increased downtime, and business disruption loss on average of $4.63M/day.

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Corrolytics provides a better way for corrosion engineers and pipeline operators to determine when microbial growth within industrial assets will lead to corrosion.

Our testing kit is the first with the ability to differentiate microbial corrosion from corrosion not caused by microorganisms, providing a knowledge gap for corrosion engineers and pipeline operators about the cause of corrosion, telling them when microorganisms present in the pipeline are actually causing corrosion, while also allowing them to maintain their current sampling and operations workflow. This enables them to select more effective mitigation strategies to prevent damage to their assets, increase safety, and reduce biocide and chemical treatments in their industrial operations.

At Corrolytics, we understand the need for a more effective process for testing and treating oil and gas corrosion. Through our extensive research and development, we have created a kit that solves the problems of current testing methods, resulting in numerous benefits.

A more cost-effective use of industrial biocides due to the ability to differentiate between MIC and other types of corrosion

Immediate detection with no downtime

Fewer spills and accidents, leading to fewer citations and fines and improved environmental outcomes and higher levels of safety

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In Lab Testing Can Provide:

  • Biotic Corrosion Rate (mpy/mmpy)
  • General Corrosion Rate
  • Differentiates between Biotic and General corrosion
  • Pitting Corrosion Analysis
  • Determine Biocide Efficacy
  • DNA Analysis
  • Water Chemistry Analysis
  • Metal Surface Characterization

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A Must-Have Technology

“Differentiating MIC from other types of corrosion is a million-dollar question. There is no instrument available on the market that can differentiate MIC from abiotic corrosion and if we could do this, we would be able to take necessary measures in time that would ensure employee safety, environmental safety, improved assets and reduce chemical usage.”— Customer Discovery Interviewee


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GLIDE Innovation Fund Series A Grant

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